Who Are You?

I asked myself, “Who are you”. In our daily life we use the phrases like “my hand”, “my brain”, “my eyes”, etc. If I analyze these phrases deeply, it becomes clear that my body parts are not myself. They belong to me but they are not me. By brain is not me, my eyes are not me. Then who am I and who is asking this question?

I searched the answer in science. I went deep into anatomy and then in physiology. Flesh, blood, nerves, brain even cells is not me. Then who is me? Unanswered.

I searched the answer in Hindu mythology. It says that this body is not me. I am soul. And the soul is the subset of God. Then Who s God?

God, as described in the Hindu mythology, is everywhere. He is inside me and other living beings. He is inside non-livings. He is in ocean, mountains. He is everywhere in the universe. He is the root cause of every event. He controls the movements. He controls the motion of celestial bodies as well as the motion of atoms and subatomic particles. Hindu mythology gives many names of the God but does not exactly tell that who is God. According to it, God can be felt but cannot be seen or described.

Now again moving towards the modern science, who has all the above characteristics of god. After long thinking I can deduce that it is Energy. So God is nothing but the energy. Energy (or change in the magnitude and form of energy) is the root cause of every event in the universe. Energy is truly universal; it is in all living-beings and non-living things. It is in the waves and rays. One can feel the presence of energy but cannot see or describe it exactly. Energy controls all sorts of motion and movement.

So I answered to my self that I nothing but energy. Similarly you are nothing but energy. And since both of us are energy, we are similar. We are all subset of the Almighty. Or we all are Almighty.