What does Visual Studio 2008 mean to me

I returned to blogging after a long period of time. I gave up posting blogs on this site because I thought its useless. There is no point in writing thoughts in your blog. Instead, I preferred to keep a diary. Yesterday, I completed one month of diary keeping. Today, I was reviewing what I have written in my diary. And to my surprise, there was nothing to hide. Everything I have written could have been written on my blog. So I returned to this blog.

Today I read a mail from Microsoft. It said that Microsoft is going to to launch Visual Studio 2008 in Feb. I interpret this that I have to learn new technologies, features etc. Until now, I haven’t explored all the features of Visual Studio 2005. Currently I am working on .Net framework 2.0. Microsoft has already launched .Net framework 3.5 with new features and Vista support. What it mean to me is lots of study again. I know that switching from .Net 1.1 to 2.0 steal so much of my family time. I am thankful to my wife and daughter to gave their time to my studies. And I afraid that its going to be repeated again.

Sometimes I thought that choosing Microsoft Technologies (or event Information Technology) as my career is the biggest mistake of my career. Would I be an accountant, there will be no work in the late hours, no study in the night. Life would be easier than. But I am not sure if I will be satisfied with that life style or not.

Anyways, time has passed now. There is no way to change career track in this phase. So let me press CTRL+TAB to switch to Visual Studio window. Good bye and sweet dreams…


3 thoughts on “What does Visual Studio 2008 mean to me

  1. Yeah… you are absolutely right Tyagi! But this time your wife and children needs to sacrifice a bit more I guess! As I am working on “Orcas” already with the “CTP” or Beta Release in my current project here in South Africa. And I should tell you its not just “a lot”, its “lots” of things here in this part of the world. So Microsoft fans be ready with all the WPF, WWF and WCF stuff!

  2. okay…i agree being a software engineer life is bit challenging…every time we have to keep ourself updated with not only technology but with new buisness. Anytime, we can be thrown to any buisness domain projet. But, last not the least this challenge is charisma of our life.

  3. Great work Tyagi !!! keep it up…….
    We do not bother about new version or new technology. We should always prepare for it. Change is truth. Can you give a single example where change not exists? Only one things matters that is time. It may take 1 sec. , 1 mint, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, 1 year… so may years………. If change is not exist in our life then you think what will happened………

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