Party at Pebble’s Street

Last week our project manager of FlairView, Kelly O’Brian and Tony Reeve flied from Sydney to New Delhi. There were some meetings and discussions in the agenda. They flied back on Friday. We celebrate a party at Pebble’s Street, New Friends Colony.
We had team meeting in after noon. In the evening, Rohit drove me and some other team members to Pebble’s Street. Thanks Rohit.
Pebble’s Street is a great bar and restaurant. The two floors of it are properly decorated. We celebrated at first floor. The whole team of project Advantage was there at party. We drink, eat and dance there. The space was cozy but enjoyable. I don’t drink so enjoyed Fruit Punch (mix fruit juice with vanilla) and Pineapple Sunshine. Both drinks were delicious. People were enjoying beer, whisky and vodka.
Tony tried to shake his feet but music was too slow for him. Sometimes they play Hindi sings, which he could not understand. Kelly and other girls didn’t dance at all. My team was very energetic. When at 9.15, India vs. South Africa cricket match was about to start, they stopped music. We were listening commentary. Gagan shouted, “Come on yaar, drunkers can dance on anything. They can dance on commentary too.” And literally they dance on commentary.
Kelly was enjoying watching people dancing. There were no steps, no rhythm. People were just shaking and throwing hands and legs. But this is the unique way of dancing, Indian youth prefers. Idea is to keep our self as free as possible.
Then the match started. Some people were taking dinners and others were watching match. India was batting first. On every four, they play loud and fast musing, usually bhangra. at that time, we jumped out of our chairs and start dancing.
In the last, we took group photographs.
Devinder to kursi ke pichhe hi pad gaya tha. Dev, hope you remember it. And that “Sahab, ye daru pike …”
Finally, it was a great party. We enjoyed every moment. Kabhi kabhi Devinder pakane lagta tha (At times, devinder bored me). But that’s OK.
Kelly and Tony were sponsors of the party. Thanks Kelly. Thanks Tony. It was a nice party. I hope you would enjoyed it too.
Manish (Sinha), we missed you.
Aman we missed you too.

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