Script# – Another Flower in .Net Bouquet

Script# is a compiler that compiles C# code into JavaScript. This sounds great for ASP.Net developers who program into C#. Most of the time, C# programmers don’t have good hand in JavaScript.

With the client machine increasing their processing power constantly, the demand for client side scripting is very high. People talk about a new architecture that would obsolete the server side programming model. Web serve will only server HTML pages with JavaScript. If any server side processing (or database connectivity) is required, web services will fill up the gap. Using JSON, JavaScript will now directly interact with a web service from client side. All UI processing, validations etc. will be done on client side.

C# and folks have to worry about that. Either they have to switch to web services or their job will not be safe. Nikhil Kothari also thinks same (though he has not expressed it anywhere). So he decided to bring C# developers on the client side. Nikhil is currently working on a project called Script#. In his own words:

Script# brings the C# developer experience (programming and tooling) to JavaScript/Ajax world.”

The project is still in development phase but you can try your hands on it. Download the Script# and read Nikhil’s demonstration. You can also watch a video. Nikhil says:

Essentially the Script# compiler is a C# compiler that generates JavaScript instead of IL. A key driving goal of the design is to produce readable JavaScript that you may have authored yourself, and would be ok deploying into real apps.


Introduction to Script#
Download Script#
Download Script# Video
Nikhil Kothari’s Weblog

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