Happy Diwali

Diwali is the celebration of enlightenment. This year, Diwali fulfilled one of my dream. I always fantasized about wearing traditional India dress – dhoti kurta in office. But you are not allowed wearing such dress in office – damn office protocol. On Diwali, our admin department was kind enough to let us wear ethnic wear. I took the opportunity and wear dhoti kurta.

Diwali is a five day celebration. The first day is called dhanteras. Traditionally, utensils are purchased on this day. Second day is chotti Diwali also called Naraka Chaturdashi. This is said to be the Diwali of shopkeepers. People buy sweets, crackers etc, on this day. The third day –Diwali is the main festival. People wear new clothes and distribute sweets. People worship the goddess of wealth – Laxmi along with Ganesha, the son of Lord Shiva. The next day is Govardhan Puja. The go-dhan i.e. cattle especially cow is worshiped this day. The last day is Bhaiduj, the day to express love between brothers a sisters.

Every corner of the city is lighted with candles and diyas. Now-a-days people use electric lights. The city seems like beautiful heaven. People burn crackers and fire works.

But I have some concerns. First, why we celebrate Diwali. Common belief is that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day after killing Ravana, the king of Lanka. Then why don’t we worship Lord Rama? Some people believe this day as the beginning of Hindu financial year. So we worship goddess Laxmi. That’s OK. Then why do we waste money in crackers?

We do worse to our environment on this auspicious day. Crackers cause lots of air pollution and noise pollution (report). People suffering with heart disease are prone to attack because of the loud and sudden noise of crackers. The amount of poisonous gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide in the air increases beyond limits on Diwali. Even you are not able to breath smoothly.

In India, we have less electricity than we need. And we waste thousands of megawatts of electricity on a single day. Does this do any good to us or our country? As a responsible citizen, we must think about these problems.

The true celebration of Diwali, however, means something else. Diwali comes after a chain of festivals. First comes navratras. This is a nine day festival where people keep fasts and pray different goddesses. People prey shakti (The Power) which governs the world. The aim of navratras is to purify our behavior. It is the process of aatm-shuddhi i.e. purification of one’s thoughts. After navratra, comes Dussehra. This is celebrated as the victory of good over the evil. This means that by dushhera, we have cleared and purified our thoughts. A pure heart is subject to enlightenment. So now we are on the path of enlightenment. Then came Diwali – the festival of enlightenment. By now, our thoughts are purest and our heart is full of enlightenment.

So Diwali is about the lightning of our inner self and not about wasting electricity and polluting air. I hope, next time before purchasing crackers, we will think about it.


5 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

  1. Yanesh,

    Take a chill pill.

    You know there is something called utilitarianism. This is doctrine that states “the moral worth of an action is determined solely by its outcome.” In simple words, it means “The ends justify the means”.

    If celebrating diwali, as it is done, brings even an iota of happiness among the otherwise unhappy people; it is completely justified. Moreover, I think only two or three days like Holi and Diwali bring people of a locality together. How many times people get an opportunity to come closer to your neighbors. The importance of this socialization need not be explained.

    The amount of noise and air pollution these crackers create is infinitesimally smaller than that by big factories. But, that is ok in the name of development. Why all this hue and cry about crackers then?

    If you talk about poisonous gases, have you ever heard anyone dying due to these gases produced by crackers? Moreover what do you want from your money. The smile on your child’s face a cracker can bring is not possible with any amount of your monetary savings.

    Even watching cricket is wastage of time, as one could spend that time writing some code in .net probably; but you cant imagine the amount of national integrity cricket brings. You can see rickshaw pullers and house-maids getting ecstatic when India wins. So, my point is that things have their positive side too, and THAT is what is more important. The typical Indian mentality of looking at the darker side of things should be shed off. Try to see the brighter side as well.


  2. I totally agree with manish. One day is not concern whether it is diwali or cricket 🙂

    you should think about growing pollution level in city due increase in traffic (specially diseal cars :):) ) and decrease in greenery.

    Yanesh, have u ever planted a plant in your life ?
    do u know how much pollution smoking causes?


  3. Hi ,
    What i think is we people are really losing the real meaning of festivals. We have started believing that it is mandatory to fire as much as crackers on

    Diwali without really realizing the fact that how much pollution and harm it is causing to the environment. In old days people use to celebrate Diwali only through lights by using Diyas and candles. I am not against Diwali but I am against the way now days people started celebrating the festivals. Festivals have just become a kind of show off nowadays for most of the people. Diwali is no doubt a beautiful and greatest festival celebrated all over the world.

    Lets be simple and traditional while celebrating the festivals like people use to Celebrate the festivals in old days.

    Cheers for Deepawali !!


    Vimal Prasad

  4. Well Devinder,

    I belong to a farmer family. There are lots of plants at my home and fields as well. And if I consider working in fields, I have planted millions of billions of plants.


  5. Hope you will provide rest of guys directions up to satpudda ke jungle, I think no one will object if u take charge from now.

    Best Regards,
    Nitin Kumar

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