Birthday … or April Fool

What is the relation between birthday and april fool?

Well, you may call people at a food junction telling them that today (1st of Aptil) is your birthday. Most will believe you and wait for you at the food junctions. but some will be smart enough to figure out that it’s the Fool’s Day.

But what if somebody actually born on Fool’s Day? My boss, Kiran, is one of those rare persons. He was born on the first day of April. There was a great party at our office cafetria (to make us believe!). We brought a very beautiful chocolaty cake for him.

Kiran told us the same story. He used to call people for his b’day and people thought that he would be fooling them. He used to keep waiting at the cake table and nobody turns up. He then had to call them many times and turn all the stones to make them believe that it was a real party.

Kiran will give us an unoffical party on Friday ………………………………………not to be disclosed.

I have one more friend who has a very unique thing about his b’day. This year he celebrated his 11th birthday. And his daughter is doing Post Graduation at the university (believe me!). I will discuss that later on.


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