Indian IT Companies and US Crises – Will They Survive?

Everyone has one question in mind – what is the impact of US economical crises on Indian IT companies and Jobs. Though there will be reduction in the jobs and people may get fired, companies will be able to cop the problem and get strengthened over the time.

Most Indian IT companies gets a major portion of their revenue from US market. The BFSI (Banking, Finance, Service and Investment) sector is the major source of revenue for these IT companies like Infosys, Satyam, Wipro and TCS.

The sinking US economy will definitely have adverse effect on these companies. But this effect will take around one month to come into effect. Presently, companies have orders in hand and they are executing projects. But after one month, when payments will be due and there will be delay in payments, Indian IT cos. will come into crises.

US BFSI cos. which are not in a position to make payments for IT department, will start reducing the manpower from their projects. In this situation, Indian cos. will have burns on both sides. They will suffer shortage of funds and there were non-billable people sitting on the bench.

This will be an unhealthy situation. Companies will start firing people as they have to survive. There will be jobless people everywhere. I can see that the situation will be very much the same as that was in 2001-02.

But this will be a second lesson to Indian companies. In the last set-back most companies diversified their clients to Europe and Asia. This time these companies will find new markets. In the long run, this will reduce dependency on one geographical market making the companies more stable and recession-proof.

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My First ASP.Net MVC Appliacation

I was thinking about MVC since I read first post on ScottGu’s blog. Yesterday, on Friday night, I decided to create my first MVC applications. I downloaded Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition 2008 last night. That 128 MB download took quite a long time to download. Then I downloaded MVC preview 5. After successful installation of MVC, I was ready to fly…

Finding a suitable example on the web:
Before starting develop a new MVC project,  I needed a good example. After searching the web for a while, I found two links that seems to be useful.

First was a 4 part tutorial written by ScottGu. I was a detailed introduction to MVC framework and how it works. I was like a step by step DIY guide. Scott demonstrated how to create a complete e-commerce site using MVC framework.

The second choice was a simple To Do List application. This application allowed one to enter a list of tasks, save these into database and mark them complete. Both applications used LINQ to SQL for accessing database.

I decided to go with the Task List application as this was simple and small application. This app is like the typical Hello World example with database support. I took only one hour to complete this app and run it properly.

Starting the new project
I opened VWD (Visual Web Developer0 and choose to create new project. MVC applications are developed as web applications. They are different from web sites. In the New Project dialog, I chose ASP.NET MVC Web Application. This automatically created a sample application in the solution explorer with three special meaning folders – Controller, Model and View. I deleted the classes and pages auto-generated by the WVD. The I proceed step by step as instructed in the example application.

Step By Step Progress Through Solving Issues:
Once I completed typing (yes, I preferred to type instead of copy-pasting it) the code and creating all the classes and pages, I was time to see the code in action. But as you know, no code runs for the very first time. Although VWD (and VS as well) minimizes the  chances of syntax errors to zero, many other types of error always occurs in the code. I face following problems for which I again need to do some Googling.

The ViewData Problem:

“The name ‘ViewData’ does not exist in the current context”

Even before compiling the code, my Index.aspx view warned me that ViewData is undefined by placing a red line below this. After some unsuccessful silly adjustment to the code, I go for Googling. I found a post in forums asking for the same question. ScottGu answered the post by saying – “Have you tried compiling the project?  It could be that you haven’t done a compile since you added the page, and so intellisense with C# hasn’t picked up that you are deriving from a base-class yet”. This was very strange for me but I decided to go with Scott and compiled the code successfully. But when I run the code, the same problem reappeared.

After 20 minutes of unsuccessful Googling, I decided to use trial-and-error method. And finally I got the solution.

The root cause of the problem was that I added a Web Form in my Views folder instead of MVC View Content Page. The normal web form is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page class  while an MVC View Content Page is inherited from System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage class. I change the parent class to ViewPage and it worked fine.

Primary key error in inserting the record:
Now I rum my application without any error. The Index page that displays a list of all tasks appears on the browser. I opened create page to add a new task. On pressing submit button, it gave primary key related error. The error was cause by the InserOnSubmit method of the LINQ generated class. The error was quite obvious that I forgot to define primary key on the table. I had an Id column with its Identity attribute set to on. So, ideally any insert statement should not have issue with the primary key. But to fix the error, I modified the table structure and declare Id column as primary key. But the problem still persisted. Like the above issue, Googling was unsuccessful in this case as well and I had to go for trial-and-error method.

The solution was quite simple. I had to open the dbml file which is used for LINQ-to-SQL. I deleted the table from this file and again dragged that table into dbml designer from Server Explorer. Pressed F5 and the page was opened successfully in the browser. Opened the create page, added a task and pressed submit button. No error…
I checked into database table and the record was successfully inserted.

So this was the experience of developing first MVC application. The overall experience was good and exciting. I liked the simple and easy-to-read URLs that were displayed in the browser’s address bar.

Keep watching for more in ASP.Net MVC

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Scott Guthrie’s MVC Tutorial Links

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My Rajasthan Visit

In last winter I visited Rajasthan with my family. It was a unofficial official vacation tour. I planned the trip with my team mates and their family. It was a five day trip in desert. We rented an luxury Tempo Traveler which had a bed at the back side.

Tour Mates

  • Anil with his wife and son
  • Nitin with his wife
  • Vinit with his wife and son
  • Devinder (he was the only single)
  • I with my wife and little daughter

Places Visited

We started from Delhi on 24th  December 2007 at 10 PM. After a long overnight journey, we reached Bikaner in the morning. Stayed there at hotel Sagar. Next day we headed towards Jaisalmer, the golden city. Stayed two nights at Jaisalmer, enjoyed camel safari in desert and boating in the lake. Then we traveled to Jodhpur, the blue city. Jodhpur is a famous place for shopping. After enjoying one night at Jodhpur, we traveled back to Delhi.


Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner

The architectural masterpiece in red sandstone, the palace was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh (1881-1942 A.D.) in the memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singhji in 1902 AD. The palace has beautiful latticework and filigree work. Sprawling lawns with blooming bougainvillea and dancing peacocks make it to be a not -to-be missed visual treat.

Bikaner royal family still lives in part of the palace. part of the palace has been converted into a luxury hotel and a museum known as Shri Sadul museum which was donated by late his highness Maharaja Dr. Karni Singhji of Bikaner to Maharaja Shri Ganga singhji Trust Bikaner in the year 1972 . Princess Rajyashree Kumari of Bikaner, Chairperson of Trust played a very important role in the establishment of this museum.

Junagarh Palace, Bikaner

Built in 1593 A.D. by Raja Rai Singh, a general in the army of emperor Akbar, the fort is a formidable structure encircled by a moat and has some beautiful places within.

These places, made in red sandstone and marble, make a picturesque ensemble of country yards, balconies, kiosks and windows dotted all over the structure.

The imposing fort has 986 long wall with 37 bastions and two entrances. It is approached through the Karan Poal which is the main entrance. Among the places of interest are  Anop mahal, Ganga niwas and Rang mahal or palace of pleasure. The Anoop Mahal is famous for it’s gold leaf painting. Har Mandir- a majestic chapel where the royal family worshiped there Gods and Goddesses. Chandra Mahal or moon palace has exquisite paintings on the lime plaster walls and Phool Mahal or the Flower palace is decorated with inset mirror work. The gigantic columns , arches and graceful screen grace the palaces. Karan Mahal  was built to commemorate a notable victory over the Mughal Aurangzeb.The other important important parts are Durbar Hall, Gaj mandir, Sheesh Mahal or mirror chamber etc.


District JAISALMER is located within a rectangle lying between 26°.4’ –28°.23′ North parallel and 69°.20′-72°.42′ east meridians. It is the largest district of Rajasthan and one of the largest in the country. The breath (East-West) of the district is 270 Kms and the length (North-South) is 186 Kms. On the present map, district Jaisalmer is bounded on the north by Bikaner, on the west & south-west by Indian boarder, on the south by Barmer and Jodhpur, and on the east by Jodhpur and Bikaner Districts. The length of international boarder attached to District JAISALMER is 471 Kms.

Jaisalmer Fort

Located in the desert of the Thar (meaning adobe of the dead), it is the second oldest Fort of Rajasthan. Built by the Rajput ruler Jaisala, it was the main focus of a number of battles between the Bhattis, the Mughals of Delhi and the Rathores of Jodhpur. Constructed by Raja Jaisal, who was searching for a new capital as the earlier one Lodurva was too vulnerable to invasions, he built the fort and the city surrounding it, thus fulfilling Lord Krishna’s prophecy in the Mahabharata The uniqueness of the fort lies in the fact that the craftsmen used were mainly Muslims to craft the SONAR QUILA – Rising from the sand!

Folk Dance

We stayed in the Cottage of Tane Singh. His wife was a Finland national. In the night, we had a camp fire. Tane Singh had called a group of folk dancers. There were playing their strange traditional music instruments. The folk dance presented by two young girls was very impressive. This was the unforgettable event of my life.  My wife had great time talking to a chinease girl, Yuan and an Aussi girl, Tina.

Camel Safari

The highlight of our whole trip was the Camel safari. We were staying in a cottage. From there we started to the Safari at 6:00 AM. There were five camels for five family. I consider Devinder as a family of single. The camels were fun to ride. After travelling around one hour in desert, we finally reached at the top of a sand mountain. We had a one and half hour break there. The sun was rising. Those masters of those camels had carried our breakfast with them. We enjoyed tea made up of camel milk and buscuits along with Rajasthani namkeen. There was sand all around. Then we drove our camels back to cottage.

Boating in Gadsisar Lake

Gadsisar is a scenic rainwater lake of Jaisalmer It was built in 1156.  A beautiful arched gateway decorates the lake. It is surrounded by ghats, temples, cenotaphs and gardens. Gadsisar Lake is an ideal picnic spot and is famous for boating. It is also home to a numerous species of birds.

We rented three paddeled boats as Nitin and his wife denied boating for some traditional issues and Devinder shared the boat with my family. We were racing in the Lake and kids were enjoying.


Jodhpur “The Sun City” was founded by Rao Jodha, a chief of the Rathore clan, in 1459. It is named after him only. It was previously known as Marwar. Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. It is divided into two parts – the old city and the new city. The old city is separated by a 10 km long wall surrounding it. Also it has eight Gates leading out of it. The new city is outside the walled city.

Jodhpur is a very popular tourist destination. The landscape is scenic and mesmerizing. Jodhpur city has many beautiful palaces and forts such as Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhavan Palace and Rai ka Bag Palace.

Mehrangarh Fort
Situated on a steep hill, Mehrangarh fort is one of the largest forts in India. The beauty and the grandeur of numerous palaces in the fort narrates a saga of hard sandstones yielding to the chisels of skilled Jodhpuri sculptures. Mehrangarh Fort, spreading over 5 km on a perpendicular hill and looking down 125 meters, presents a majestic view on city horizon.

Shopping at National Handloom Mall

We spent around two hours shopping in the largest mall of Jodhput – The National Handloom Mall. This mall is famous for Rajasthan handloom items. It had everything from Rajasthani music CDs to books to fine arts to leather work.

Umaid Bhawan Palace
The romantic looking Umaid Bhawan Palace was actually built with the purpose of giving employment to the people of Jodhpur during a long drawn famine. The royal family of Jodhpur still lives in a part of the palace.Another part of the palace houses a well-maintained museum, displaying an amazing array of items belonging to the Maharaja and the royal family – weapons, antiques & fascinating clocks, crockery and trophies

From Jodhpur we drived back to Delhi.

Chrome Vs. Firefox

SunSpider, a benchmark test  used by Mozilla,  shows that the forthcoming Firefox 3.1, which uses a JavaScript acceleration technology called TraceMonkey, is faster than Chrome for JavaScript programs. It was 28% faster than Chrome on Windows XP and 16% faster on Vista.

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Google’s G1 Phone

T-Mobile, America’s fourth largest telcom company yesterday launched its new G1 phone. manufactured by HTC, this phone is sold at US $173 for a 2 year contract from T-Mobile. G1 runs on android operating system developed by Google as open source.

G1 is supposed to cut iPhone market by 30% in the next year. iPhone 3G, which is available from AT&T, the largest US telcom company, at $199 for a two year contract, will not loose its customers to G1. But G1 will attract new customers and those who are planning to buy iPhone.

Comparision of G1 and iPhone:

Look and Feel
iPhone definetly beats G1 in beauty. G1 is not beautiful but seems like an rough-tough phone. The interface provided stands nowhere in comparision to iPhone.

G1 is expected to be more user friendly in comparision to iPhone. Google has expertise in making things that are simple yet powerful. You can take example of GMail or Google Reader. In the same line, since G1 runs on android, it is expected to be simple but powerful.

iPhone users always complain about the speed when it comes to net connectivity of general functioning. G1 is said to provide 10 to 15% better speed. But time will judge this when G1 will be in the hands of actual user.

Online Stores
iPhone uses iTunes for its online music and gadgets store. Google has collaboration with Amazon’s music store. This will provide direct connectivity to G1 and user can download their required music and gadgets. Amazon is the largest online store in the world, so G1 users has more options tan the iPhone users.

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Other Gadgets

Project Rosetta programmers, are you ready for the Silverlight? Still wondering what Silverlight is?

Silverlight is the Microsoft’s answer to the Adobe’s Flesh. And considering the Microsoft’s marketing strategy and market share, I can bet this is going to be the next big thing in the Web 2.0 age.

So does that mean learning a new technology? The answer is – Yes. As an programmer you have to learn this Silver Light thing. Soon those static (including DHTML) websites will be history. This is the RIA age. RIA – Rich Internet Application – are getting more and more popular following Moory’s law.

But here is a good news from Microsoft. Microsoft has started a new project that will help one to learn this Silverlight stuff.  Below is the excerp from today’s MSDN Flash:

Project Rosetta
Still wondering what all the buzz around Silverlight is about? Check out Project Rosetta, a site dedicated to helping designers and developers build applications in Silverlight while taking advantage of skills they already know from their experience with Flash programming.

So if you know flash (or don’t. doesn’t matter), it is really easy to learn silverlight. But as with any other design skills, learning and being creative are two different things.

So get your hands started on Silverlight ASAP and get experienced before it’s too late.

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Predicting Market Direction Using Put Call Ratio (PCR)

Not sure where the market will head tomorrow? Tired of all those technical analysts? Do your technical analysis in seconds. Predict market sentiments yourself using PCR.

Put Call Ratio commonly called PCR is a simple ratio. This is calculated by dividing total number of put traded by the total number of calls traded on a particular day.

PCR = total number of puts / total number of calls


The average PCR is considered as 0.70. Some considers this as 0.50 but in practice, 0.70 yeilds more accurate results. You may wonder why this is not considered as 1. In any market sellers are always more than buyers. The same is true for stock market. The fund managers pollute the PCR ratio by hedging. Thus the number of calls are always higher than the number of puts. So put and calls are not always same. To adjust this criteria of market, the middle point is takes as 0.70.

You can use following table to check weather market will be weak or strong the next day.

If PCR near 0.70 or grater than 0.70, the market sentiment will be bearish.

If PCR is near 0.50 or less than 0.70, the market is getting strength (being bullish).

If PCR is less than 0.50, the market will be strong the next day (being bearish).

Success in playing options in the market is always dependent on your ability to understand the market sentimen ts. Though there are many factors affecting the market and no body can predict with 100% accuracy, PCR gives fairly good results.

Need more technical details, Read this article from Investopedia.

Financial Calculators

Financial calculators are handy tools that helps you to plan your personal finance. Here is a list of some good calculators.

Compound Interest Calculator

Portfolio Performance Calculator

Compound Annual Growth Rate (Annualized Return)

How Does Inflation Impact My Standard Of Living?

Personal Finance » Calculators

Present Value Calculator

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Rule of 72

Rule of 72

Calculate compound interest right in your head.

Having a phone call from your banker or just calculating your EMI, compound interest is always a rocket science for you. Either you need a scientific calculator or some worksheet application like excel to calculate this. Wait… You can do this right in your head without anything.

I am not joking. Its very simple. As simple as table of six. The technique is using Rule of 72.

Rule of 72 a very useful skill to have because it gives you a lightning fast benchmark to determine how good (or not so good) a potential investment is likely to be.

The rule says that to find the number of years required to double your money at a given interest rate, you just divide the interest rate into 72. For example, if you want to know how long it will take to double your money at eight percent interest, divide 8 into 72 and get 9 years (assuming that the interest is annually compounded, by the way).

As you can see, the “rule” is remarkably accurate, as long as the interest rate is less than about twenty percent; at higher rates the error starts to become significant.

OK. That’s fine. How about calculating the rate of interest?

Just put your head into the reverse gear.

If you want to double your money in six years, just divide 6 into 72 to find that it will require an interest rate of about 12 percent.

Puzzled? Want to know Why the rule of 72 works.

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