Project Rosetta programmers, are you ready for the Silverlight? Still wondering what Silverlight is?

Silverlight is the Microsoft’s answer to the Adobe’s Flesh. And considering the Microsoft’s marketing strategy and market share, I can bet this is going to be the next big thing in the Web 2.0 age.

So does that mean learning a new technology? The answer is – Yes. As an programmer you have to learn this Silver Light thing. Soon those static (including DHTML) websites will be history. This is the RIA age. RIA – Rich Internet Application – are getting more and more popular following Moory’s law.

But here is a good news from Microsoft. Microsoft has started a new project that will help one to learn this Silverlight stuff.  Below is the excerp from today’s MSDN Flash:

Project Rosetta
Still wondering what all the buzz around Silverlight is about? Check out Project Rosetta, a site dedicated to helping designers and developers build applications in Silverlight while taking advantage of skills they already know from their experience with Flash programming.

So if you know flash (or don’t. doesn’t matter), it is really easy to learn silverlight. But as with any other design skills, learning and being creative are two different things.

So get your hands started on Silverlight ASAP and get experienced before it’s too late.

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