Google’s G1 Phone

T-Mobile, America’s fourth largest telcom company yesterday launched its new G1 phone. manufactured by HTC, this phone is sold at US $173 for a 2 year contract from T-Mobile. G1 runs on android operating system developed by Google as open source.

G1 is supposed to cut iPhone market by 30% in the next year. iPhone 3G, which is available from AT&T, the largest US telcom company, at $199 for a two year contract, will not loose its customers to G1. But G1 will attract new customers and those who are planning to buy iPhone.

Comparision of G1 and iPhone:

Look and Feel
iPhone definetly beats G1 in beauty. G1 is not beautiful but seems like an rough-tough phone. The interface provided stands nowhere in comparision to iPhone.

G1 is expected to be more user friendly in comparision to iPhone. Google has expertise in making things that are simple yet powerful. You can take example of GMail or Google Reader. In the same line, since G1 runs on android, it is expected to be simple but powerful.

iPhone users always complain about the speed when it comes to net connectivity of general functioning. G1 is said to provide 10 to 15% better speed. But time will judge this when G1 will be in the hands of actual user.

Online Stores
iPhone uses iTunes for its online music and gadgets store. Google has collaboration with Amazon’s music store. This will provide direct connectivity to G1 and user can download their required music and gadgets. Amazon is the largest online store in the world, so G1 users has more options tan the iPhone users.

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One thought on “Google’s G1 Phone

  1. Well that sounds great,, lets wait when it is launched in India. and I hope it overcomes the bottlecks the I phone has, and would be more feature packed than Iphone as IPhone was much of a disappiontment on feature front.

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