Configuring Live Writer for

This is the step by step guide to configure your Live Writer to use with your blog account at

Step 1: On the menu bar, select Weblog -> Add weblog account. This will display Add Weblog Account dialog shown below.Choose ‘Another Weblog Service’ and click on next.


Step 2: The next screen allows you to configure writer to work with your weblog. Enter the URL of your blog in the ‘Weblog Homepage URL’ text box. (For example, my URL is ‘’. Enter your username and password in the respective text boxes. Make sure that ‘Save my password’ checkbox is checked. (You can later change this setting using the ‘Edit Weblog Setting’ from the Weblog menu option). Click Next.


Step 3: If you have provided correct credentials, following screen will be displayed. This screen may take some time depending on the speed of your internet connection. Your Live Writer is now trying to connect to your weblog account and then it will detect the settings.


Step 4: The next screen will allow you to select weblog provider.  Select ‘Community Server’ from the list of providers. Enter the following address in the ‘Remote posting URL’ text box and then press Next.


Step 5: The next screen will ask you if you want your Live Writer to detect the style of your weblog. To do so, Live Writer sends a temporary post and then deletes this post. You can safely choose this option as this temporary post will never be published or visible to the readers of your weblog.

If you choose to allow Live Writer to detect your weblog’s style, it will format your post in the style you have chosen in you weblog, as you type in the Live Writer. This is useful because you can see the look and feel of your post without publishing it.

You may also opt not to allow Live Writer to send temporary post. In this case, it will not detect the style. This will have non effect on your post once you have posted (published) it.

Note: You can configure Live Writer to use many weblogs such as blogger, wordpress or msn spaces at the same time. You can then choose the weblog, on which you want to post, at the time of publishing the post.