Charting Your Life

Today I discovered Uladoo (pronounced yoo-LAH-doo). This is a nice charting utility which gathers data from twetter. Uladoo converts data from then creates chart and displays in the form of am image. You can use Uladoo to keep track of you coffee consumption or calories taken or weight loss program etc. You need to send a tweet (as many as you like) to @Uladoo and it updates the chart. You can browse the chart going to the It generates a URL for your chart which you can share with your friends and family members. You can even share this chart with your doctor.

How Uladoo Works:

You need to tweet Uladoo and it automatically updates the chart, if it exists. If the chart  does not exist, Uladoo creates on. For example, I send following tweet to create my coffee consumption chart

@uladoo coffee consumed 3

Then number 3 tells that I have consumed three cups of coffee from morning. Next time, when I will have another cup of coffee, I will tweet

@uladoo coffee consumed 1

and my chart will be updated. I can see this chart here.

How can you make Uladoo work for you:

You can make Uladoo work for you. First decide what you want to chart. It may be your cigarette consumption, number of calls you made to your girl friend/boss/client, lunch expenses, number of calories you take, your wife’s daily expenses etc. Some people track their daily exercise, pull-ups and push-ups.


Happy charting…


3 thoughts on “Charting Your Life

  1. This is a pretty cool app. I haven’t actually signed up and used it yet but your entry piqued my curiosity about it. At first I thought it was dependent on Tweeter but I guess there’s none of that required..which is good just cause double entry stuff would be weird.

    I’m not sure folks would use it for their medical info though. Like putting your daily blood pressure readings up there…although if they made a secure login for you it might work.

    All in all its prretty cool stuff. Thanks for pointing it out!

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