Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Live Mail

I hate using mouse on my laptop. It just slows down my work. If you are also like me, I have some tips for you. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows Live Mail.

Shortcut keys of windows live mail

New Email ctrl+N
New Photo email ctrl+shift+P
Event ctrl+shift+E
News ctrl+shift+W
COntact ctrl+shift+N
Folder ctrl+shift+D
Open ctrl+o
Create New Folder ctrl+shift+D
Print ctrl+P
FInd message ctrl+shift+F
Move to Folder ctrl+shift+V
Delete ctrl+D
View Blocked Image F9
Mark as read ctrl+Q
Mark conversation as read ctrl+T
Mark all as read ctrl+shift+A
Message in HTML Alt+shift+H
Previous Message ctrl+<
Next Message ctrl+>
Next Unread Message ctrl+U
Next Unread Conversation ctrl+shift+U
*Next Unread Folder ctrl+J
Go to folder ctrl+Y
Go to mail ctrl+shift+J
Go to Calendar ctrl+shift+X
Go to COntcts ctrl+shift+C
Go to Feed ctrl+shift+K
Go to News Group ctrl+shift+L
Sync all mail messages F5
Sync everything ctrl+F5
Manage News Group ctrl+W
Reply ctrl+R
Reply to all ctrl+shift+R
Reply to group ctrl+G
Forward ctrl+F
Mark as junk ctrl+alt+J
Flag Message Alt+a+a
Watch conversation Alt+a+t
Ignore conversation Alt+a+i
Save as Alt+f+a
Save attachments Alt+f+v
Save as stationary Alt+f+t
Import Message Alt+f+i+m
Export message Alt+f+e+m
Export Accounts Alt+f+e+a
Find text in the message Alt+e+f+t
Copy to folder Alt+e+o
Empty Deleted Items Alt+e+y
Mark as unread Alt+e+n
Sort by assending Alt+v+b+a
sort by descending Alt+v+b+d
View by conversation

(Note: When you view by conversation, the reading pane comes to bottom. To move reading pane to the right ALT+V+L; ALT+G; Enter.)

Expend conversation Alt+v+x
Collapse Conversation Alt+v+a
Mail rules Alt+t+r+m
News rules Alt+t+r+n
Manage feed Alt+t+F
Manage IMAPI folders Alt+t+I
Manage Accounts Alt+t+c
Manage Safety Options Alt+t+t
Forward as attachment Alt+a+d
Add sender to safe list Alt+a+j+s
Add senders domain to safe list Alt+a+j+o
Add sender to block list Alt+a+j+b
Add domain to block list Alt+a+j+d
Create rule from message Alt+a+e
Flag Message Alt+a+f
Recombine Attachments Alt+a+m

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Twitter Notify Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

I just installed Twitter Notify plug-in on my live writer. This will send an update to twitter when I will publish this post. Let me test this.

This post is simply to test how it works.

Firefox redirects to

Since last week I was tired with this malware. Whenever, I tried to open some incorrect URL, I first get the error 404 page but within the same moment Firefox redirected me to site.

Suspecting this to be a behaviour of any add-on, I removed all of them. But this did not solve my problem. Then I thought that this may be a virus or some spyware. I have McAfee installed on my laptop. I scanned my laptop thoroughly. But it did not report any infection or other issue.

After little googling, I was confirmed that this is a malware. My McAfee was not able to detect this. I went into different forum and on one of the forum, I found the solution. I needed to shutdown the Firefox and forgot to note down the URL of the forum and name of the person who posted the solution. But the credit goes to that unknown helper.

Fix to the problem:

  1. Go to the following folder (on windows system) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions. On other machines, you may go down to the folder where Firefox is installed and then go to the extensions folder within the Firefox folder.
  2. The will be a Search Settings (or search@settings) folder in within the extension folder. Delete this folder. If some access error is occurred, shut down the Firefox (close all open Firefox windows) and try again.
  3. Run the Firefox again and type some gibberish URL. If you are seeing normal page load error page, or the Google search page (if you have Google toolbar installed), you problem has been fixed.
  4. If the problem still persist, shut down the Firefox again and delete whole extensions folder. You may loose some of your settings but you problem will be fixed.


Google Toolbar stopped working with Firefox 3.5 – Fix

Just updated my Firefox from 3.0.12 to 3.5.1 version. Initially things seem to be smooth but soon I realized that Google Toolbar is not working. You press any button on the toolbar and nothing happened. It only displays a tiny callout icon on the screen at the mouse pointer position and it disappeared as you move mouse. I tried to click this icon but nothing happened.

Then I googled about the issue. There were many posts on the Mozilla support site but nobody has mentioned any fix. Then I got one link of Google’s support site. In the forum, somebody suggested to uninstall and re-install the toolbar. I did exactly and it worked. And the good thing is that I retained my custom settings of buttons. Seems that Google stores these settings on it’s servers.

So here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the Google Toolbar:

  1. Open Add-ons dialog window of Mozilla Firefox. From the menu bar click on the Tools and select Add-ons.  This will open Add-ons window.image image
  2. Click on the Extensions tab. (image )
  3. Choose Google Toolbar for Firefox. You may need to scroll down the window.
  4. When you select the Google Toolbar, its row expands and shows you three buttons. Click on uninstall. This will uninstall the Google toolbar and then prompt you to restart the Firefox.
  5. Restart your browser. Click on the restart link on the Add-ons window. You can also close the window and then close your browser.
  6. When your browser is opened (or you may need to open Firefox again if closed manually), make sure that Google toolbar is not there.
  7. Open the Add-ons window again (see Step 1).
  8. Click on the Get Add-ons button. (image )
  9. In the search box type “Google Toolbar” and hit Enter.
  10. It will show you many search results. Select Google Toolbar from the search results. You me need to scroll down the window.
  11. Click in the Google Toolbar row. The row will expend and provide you a button “Add to Firefox”. This button is usually at the extreme right on the window. Sometimes you may have to scroll the window to the right.
  12. Click on the “Add to Firefox” button.
  13. When prompted, click on the install.
  14. Restart Firefox.

And you are done. Your Google Toolbar will now work fine.


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