Google Toolbar stopped working with Firefox 3.5 – Fix

Just updated my Firefox from 3.0.12 to 3.5.1 version. Initially things seem to be smooth but soon I realized that Google Toolbar is not working. You press any button on the toolbar and nothing happened. It only displays a tiny callout icon on the screen at the mouse pointer position and it disappeared as you move mouse. I tried to click this icon but nothing happened.

Then I googled about the issue. There were many posts on the Mozilla support site but nobody has mentioned any fix. Then I got one link of Google’s support site. In the forum, somebody suggested to uninstall and re-install the toolbar. I did exactly and it worked. And the good thing is that I retained my custom settings of buttons. Seems that Google stores these settings on it’s servers.

So here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the Google Toolbar:

  1. Open Add-ons dialog window of Mozilla Firefox. From the menu bar click on the Tools and select Add-ons.  This will open Add-ons window.image image
  2. Click on the Extensions tab. (image )
  3. Choose Google Toolbar for Firefox. You may need to scroll down the window.
  4. When you select the Google Toolbar, its row expands and shows you three buttons. Click on uninstall. This will uninstall the Google toolbar and then prompt you to restart the Firefox.
  5. Restart your browser. Click on the restart link on the Add-ons window. You can also close the window and then close your browser.
  6. When your browser is opened (or you may need to open Firefox again if closed manually), make sure that Google toolbar is not there.
  7. Open the Add-ons window again (see Step 1).
  8. Click on the Get Add-ons button. (image )
  9. In the search box type “Google Toolbar” and hit Enter.
  10. It will show you many search results. Select Google Toolbar from the search results. You me need to scroll down the window.
  11. Click in the Google Toolbar row. The row will expend and provide you a button “Add to Firefox”. This button is usually at the extreme right on the window. Sometimes you may have to scroll the window to the right.
  12. Click on the “Add to Firefox” button.
  13. When prompted, click on the install.
  14. Restart Firefox.

And you are done. Your Google Toolbar will now work fine.


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14 thoughts on “Google Toolbar stopped working with Firefox 3.5 – Fix

  1. This doesn’t work. Nothing seems to work. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled a variety of ways, googled extensively and I’m not getting anywhere. My problem is that I do seem to be able to get PART of the toolbar, but not the search box, which is the whole reason I had the toolbar! It worked fine ever since I got it like a year ago, until today. I don’t know where it’s gone and I can’t seem to get it back. Someone help!

  2. @Daisy

    Do you have firefox search bar? (It’s the one that is on the right side of the address bar.) If you have that then you may probably selected to use FF search bar in place of Google search bar.

    1. Right click on google toolbar and choose “Gootle Toolbar Options…”.
    2. Go to the Layout tab. There you will find three radio buttons – “Classic toobar layout”, “Replace 3. Firefox Search Box”, and “Replace Firefox Search Box and Hide Google Toolbar”.
    4. If “classic toolbar” option is not selected, select it. See the image here
    5. Click on save button and if you are lucky, you will get your Google search box back.

    Let me know if it works or not.

  3. My problem with google toolbar and firefox is not thw function.Firefox won’t stop and I need to manually stop the process. Another thing is, there is a javascript error with link about chrome (though chrome is not installed in my PC)… The google toolbar just freezes up my firefox.. I can’t find fix yet and still loking…

  4. I followed the steps you said, and it installed an older version of the bar but it is working now. I have my Gmail button, translation button, etc. etc. thank you very, VERY much!!!

  5. I was having a problem with Google toolbar. Tried the solution above but the add-ons menu option froze firefox. So – closed ff and opened in safe mode. Chose the option to reset toolbars and that’s all. Click restart and it’s now fine. Bern

  6. A million thank yous. I have been searching around for a solution and this worked. FF needs to provide an update for Google toolbar. Again, thank you.

  7. With help of your guidelines anybody install Google toolbar not only Firefox 3.5 , that is very useful for any version.

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