Firefox redirects to

Since last week I was tired with this malware. Whenever, I tried to open some incorrect URL, I first get the error 404 page but within the same moment Firefox redirected me to site.

Suspecting this to be a behaviour of any add-on, I removed all of them. But this did not solve my problem. Then I thought that this may be a virus or some spyware. I have McAfee installed on my laptop. I scanned my laptop thoroughly. But it did not report any infection or other issue.

After little googling, I was confirmed that this is a malware. My McAfee was not able to detect this. I went into different forum and on one of the forum, I found the solution. I needed to shutdown the Firefox and forgot to note down the URL of the forum and name of the person who posted the solution. But the credit goes to that unknown helper.

Fix to the problem:

  1. Go to the following folder (on windows system) C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\extensions. On other machines, you may go down to the folder where Firefox is installed and then go to the extensions folder within the Firefox folder.
  2. The will be a Search Settings (or search@settings) folder in within the extension folder. Delete this folder. If some access error is occurred, shut down the Firefox (close all open Firefox windows) and try again.
  3. Run the Firefox again and type some gibberish URL. If you are seeing normal page load error page, or the Google search page (if you have Google toolbar installed), you problem has been fixed.
  4. If the problem still persist, shut down the Firefox again and delete whole extensions folder. You may loose some of your settings but you problem will be fixed.



4 thoughts on “Firefox redirects to

  1. Hey there!
    I tried the story with the add-ons out and i’m still linked to urlseek. My problem is now that I don’t have any search setting folder in my extensions folder. o.ô There are only some weird folders with alot of letters… Dunno what I’m supposed to do now. .___.

  2. same problem with ‘June’, I can’t seem to find any folder named ‘search settings’ or such 😦
    should I get rid the whole ‘extensions’ folder?
    pls help 😦 this urlseek thingy is really troublesome..

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