Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Live Mail

I hate using mouse on my laptop. It just slows down my work. If you are also like me, I have some tips for you. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows Live Mail.

Shortcut keys of windows live mail

New Email ctrl+N
New Photo email ctrl+shift+P
Event ctrl+shift+E
News ctrl+shift+W
COntact ctrl+shift+N
Folder ctrl+shift+D
Open ctrl+o
Create New Folder ctrl+shift+D
Print ctrl+P
FInd message ctrl+shift+F
Move to Folder ctrl+shift+V
Delete ctrl+D
View Blocked Image F9
Mark as read ctrl+Q
Mark conversation as read ctrl+T
Mark all as read ctrl+shift+A
Message in HTML Alt+shift+H
Previous Message ctrl+<
Next Message ctrl+>
Next Unread Message ctrl+U
Next Unread Conversation ctrl+shift+U
*Next Unread Folder ctrl+J
Go to folder ctrl+Y
Go to mail ctrl+shift+J
Go to Calendar ctrl+shift+X
Go to COntcts ctrl+shift+C
Go to Feed ctrl+shift+K
Go to News Group ctrl+shift+L
Sync all mail messages F5
Sync everything ctrl+F5
Manage News Group ctrl+W
Reply ctrl+R
Reply to all ctrl+shift+R
Reply to group ctrl+G
Forward ctrl+F
Mark as junk ctrl+alt+J
Flag Message Alt+a+a
Watch conversation Alt+a+t
Ignore conversation Alt+a+i
Save as Alt+f+a
Save attachments Alt+f+v
Save as stationary Alt+f+t
Import Message Alt+f+i+m
Export message Alt+f+e+m
Export Accounts Alt+f+e+a
Find text in the message Alt+e+f+t
Copy to folder Alt+e+o
Empty Deleted Items Alt+e+y
Mark as unread Alt+e+n
Sort by assending Alt+v+b+a
sort by descending Alt+v+b+d
View by conversation

(Note: When you view by conversation, the reading pane comes to bottom. To move reading pane to the right ALT+V+L; ALT+G; Enter.)

Expend conversation Alt+v+x
Collapse Conversation Alt+v+a
Mail rules Alt+t+r+m
News rules Alt+t+r+n
Manage feed Alt+t+F
Manage IMAPI folders Alt+t+I
Manage Accounts Alt+t+c
Manage Safety Options Alt+t+t
Forward as attachment Alt+a+d
Add sender to safe list Alt+a+j+s
Add senders domain to safe list Alt+a+j+o
Add sender to block list Alt+a+j+b
Add domain to block list Alt+a+j+d
Create rule from message Alt+a+e
Flag Message Alt+a+f
Recombine Attachments Alt+a+m

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14 thoughts on “Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Live Mail

  1. Thank you for very useful list! Btw any chance to create shortcut (.lnk) with specific parameter to launch e.g Windows Live Contact, Calendar?

  2. @Amirz I am not sure how you want to use the shortcut. If you want to run calendar,
    1. press WIN+R (to open run command dialog).
    2. Type the command ‘wincal’ (without quote signs) and press enter.

    This will open calendar.

    For Windows Live Contacts, run the command wlmail. This will open windows live mail. Then press CTRL+SHIFT+C to open contacts. For other shortcuts of windows live mail, read this post.

  3. What keys am I “accidentally hitting” to delete an email I am in the middle of writing? !!!!
    The body of my email disappears before I am finished composing.

  4. Thank you for your very useful list!

    I see a key for saving attachments, but i don’t see a key for opening attachments.
    I’m looking for a possibility to easily open emails and
    (if included)_attachments.
    This is for a blind person. OS windows 7 and (unfortunaly) Live mail.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. certainly like your website however you have to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I in finding it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

  6. The shortcuts listed DO NOT HAVE one for MANUALLY RECEIVING mail. I am new to this mail program and do not have a SEND/RECEIVE button in the toolbar. Guess I’ll go back to Thunderbird…it had a “get mail” button in the menu.

  7. i am visually impaired an shortcut keys are essental to me with using the computer. is live mail shortcut keys anything like outlook express or outlook?

  8. Your list includes inexistent keys: E.g. Alt+e+o for (Copy to folder), ctrl+shift+V (Copy to folder)
    At the same time, existent keys are missing from your list: E.g. Ctrl+C (Copy)

    Please publish articles when you know the data are correct!

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