Buzz Free Gmail Inbox

Are you annoyed with lots of Buzzes cluttering your Gmail inbox? I am sure that you are. Buzz supposed to be fun but when they deliver it into my inbox, it seems to be a task (like other mails). There is no way in Gmail to keep inbox Buzz free. However, good news is that there is a work around for this. You can set filters to keep Buzzes coming into your inbox. You will not loose any communication as all Buzzes will be delivered to the Buzz tab. They just skip inbox.

Below is the step by step description of how you can setup filters in Gmail to keep Buzz away from inbox.

Step 1:

Go to the settings and click on the ‘Filters’ tab.


Step 2:

In the filters screen, scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Create New Filter’.

Step 3:

Set the filters as shown in the picture:

in ‘Has the Words” text box, type “label:buzz” without quotes.


Click on the ‘Next Step’ Button.

Step 4:

Gmail will give you an warning message. Click ‘OK’ to ignore this. This warning is for incoming mail and a Buzz is not an mail.


Step 5:

In the next screen, check the “Skip the Inbox” button. You settings should look like the below image.


If you want to remove the existing Buzzes from the inbox, check the “Also apply filter to the … conversation below”. This will remove the Buzzes from the inbox. However, these Buzzes will still be available in the Buzz tab.

Step 6:

Click “Create Filter” button to create the filter. You are done.

Go to the inbox. You will find your inbox neat and clean as one week before (i mean before the launch of Buzz). All the annoying Buzzes are gone from the inbox.


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