Buzz Tab In Gmail Is Now Available

So, finally Google enabled the settings for Buzz in Gmail. We were expecting this with the launch of Buzz on 9th February of this year. However, Google failed to do so. However, it was too long when the setting for the Buzz is available in Gmail.


To go these settings, click on the settings at the topmost line of your Gmail page. This will take you to the settings section. Click on the Buzz tab and you will see the screen as above.

The options on the screen are self explanatory. It allows you to hide Buzz from your Gmail or remove the Buzz altogether. If you are not into social networking, you would like to disable the buzz. This will delete all buzzes from your Gmail, delete your buzz profile. if you have ever Buzzed (mean posted something on Buzz), these Buzzes (posts) will also be deleted.

I am not sure many people would like to disable the Buzz. So for people like me, there are two options:

1. Don’t change the settings. This will keep the Buzz in my Gmail. But it also means that Buzz will keep on cluttering my inbox. This really sucks.
2. Hide the Buzz from Gmail. And keep yourself away from the power that Buzz brings to the social networking. One of the many reasons to like Buzz is that it is easily accessible within my mailbox.

The choice seems to be very hard. But there is a way to solve the you. You can keep Buzz in the inbox and at the same time have a buzz free inbox by using the filter settings in Gmail.


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